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We are High Peak Productions

High Peak Productions is a family business; we are a husband and wife team who met while working for British Cycling and enjoyed it so much that we set up our own company to spend every day working alongside each other!

Eve Powers

/ Creative Director - Digital Strategist

Simon Powers

/ Creative Director - Video Producer - Editor

Since 2018

Our Story

High Peak Productions was a leap of faith for us.

We knew we loved working together and making great content, but anyone who says branching out and starting your own company isn’t scary is telling porky pies! We decided that Simon would be our first full-time member of staff – (he is, after all, the lead camera operator and editor, pretty crucial really) – and that Eve would get a ‘proper job’ to make sure we weren’t penniless if it all went wrong! 

We needn’t have worried; since we’ve been in business, we have built a strong and loyal client base and have been able to diversify our offer as time has gone on. Eve has since come on board full-time.

Coming from the cycling world, we naturally started by making sports videos. We still love working with sports organisations and athletes, but we have also had the opportunity to move into different industries and create a much broader range of video content. Check out our video portfolio here

We are a chalk-and-cheese pairing, which we think means we have the perfect balance for our team. While Eve is an extrovert, Simon is quiet and thoughtful. Simon is technical, and Eve is creative; together, we are a great team and provide our clients with an all-round service.

Creative Team

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